RU Ready For a Cooling Fan Performance Database?

Thanks to the Longwin fan testing machine, Cybenetics is ready to create a new Cooling Fan Performance database, which will be the ultimate search tool for fan performance, besides our reviews here in HWbusters!

It is not a secret that we use the Cybenetics labs and data for all of our reviews, so we could not resist sharing with you the creation of a new database, including cooling fan accurate test data! So far, no fan reviews have provided complete and accurate data, especially in static pressure. These small things require highly specialized equipment, costing as much as the PSU testing equipment! Once we got our hands on the Longwin machine that Cybenetics recently acquired, are venture into the world of fan reviews started.

Cybenetics is preparing something great! It will soon create a Fan database similar to its popular PSU database. We got a behind-the-scenes screenshot of the new database’s backend interface and thought to share it! This is a massive project, and there might also be complete reports, as is the case in power supplies, behind just a data table.

On our side, as HWbusters, you should expect many new fan reviews in the upcoming weeks and months and a best Fan Picks article once we have enough data.

To all brands with fans in their portfolios. Don’t hesitate to send us our products for testing! 



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