Noctua NH-D15 G2 Promises TOP Performance but costs $150!

Noctua finally released the long-awaited NH-D15 G2, which promises top performance. Unfortunately, the price tag is too high, at 150 dollars/euros. We will have to wait till we have the review samples in hand to have a clear picture of its performance.


According to Noctua, the products are currently shipped to warehouses worldwide, and consumers will receive them at the same time as reviewers. Normally, reviewers receive them first, but Noctua didn’t want to disappoint users!

The NH-D15 G2 will come in three different versions. The most suitable one will depend on the CPU you plan to use it with. This cooler is also equipped with Noctua’s new fans, which we are looking forward to evaluating with our Longwin machine.

  • NH-D15 G2 (standard version, medium Base Convexity)
  • NH-D15 G2 LBC (Low Base Convexity)
  • NH-D15 G2 HBC (High Base Convexity)

We are sure Noctua won’t let us down, but the price tag is still too high. That said, we should consider Noctua’s top support and the vast development cost of this product. It might look “just” another air cooler, but for its development, Noctua informed us that it spent years of research till it had the best possible outcome!

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