Microsoft DirectSR Preview is now Available

Microsoft has released a preview of its DirectSR solution, a technology that aims to conveniently integrate all the super-resolution upscalers. DirectX Super Resolution (not to be confused with Auto SR) was introduced in February and seemed promising. AMD’s FSR 2.2 will receive built-in DirectSR support initially, while Nvidia’s DLSS and Intel XeSS will be supported on a driver-level. DirectSR intends to be the solution for the different vendors’ upscaling technologies as the one API to rule them all. While all significant GPU vendors offer decent support for their upscalers, they might occasionally not be fully or partially supported. DirectSR acts as the best solution for this.

DirectX Super Resolution (DirectSR)

We expect better support, gaming experience, and results as the upscaling technologies and DirectSR advance. The Agility SDK 1.714.0-Preview is available for developers here. The Super-Resolution upscalers are the best solution for gaming, boosting games’ FPS to the next level. Their support is a God-sent gift, especially for demanding or poorly optimized titles. Although they still have a long road ahead, the future is promising. DirectSR might be the most convenient way to get the optimal gaming experience sooner or later. We shall see if Microsoft will meet our high standards and expectations.

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