Finally, ATX v3.x PSUs at Highly Affordable Prices: DeepCool PL-D Series

DeepCool’s new PL-D line meets the ATX v3.1 standards, and its members’ prices are highly affordable. Although DeepCool advertises them as ATX v3.0, since they have native cables, they automatically meet the ATX v3.1 requirements, given that they fully meet the stricter ATX v3.0 requirements, where the hold-up time is increased.

The DeepCool PL-D PSUs include the PL550D (€49), PL650D (€59), PL750D (€69) and PL800D (€79). 

Wait for their reviews soon enough, and for their Cybenetics certifications, of course. For the record, they are rated as Bronze in the 80 Plus scheme. This is the first time I see an older design, double-forward topology, meeting the strict ATX v3.x requirements. For the generation of the minor rails DC-DC converters are used, providing a modern touch to the outdated design.

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