Elevate your Digital Lifestyle with BenQ treVolo U Desktop Dialogue Speaker

The BenQ treVolo U Desktop Dialogue Speaker is designed to reinvent your digital life, offering exceptional audio for online learning, remote working, podcast, and audiobook listening.

As the world embraces a digital era where online learning, remote work, and audiobook consumption have become integral parts of everyday life, the demand for exceptional audio quality has never been greater. The significance of audio quality is often underestimated due to its invisible nature. However, it plays a crucial role in online learning and communication. Failing to hear clearly can result in inefficient learning and hinder effective communication. Recognizing this need, BenQ has developed the treVolo U Desktop Dialogue Speaker to provide an immersive and enhanced audio experience for individuals seeking to maximize their digital engagements.

Hear Better, Learn Better

When it comes to taking online courses, clear and intelligible audio is paramount for comprehension and engagement. However, relying solely on built-in speakers, generic earphones, or music speakers can often blur human vocals with overpowering bass. And this can cause listening trouble and lead to turning the volume to the maximum level, making sounds distorted with the background noises.

treVolo U is powered by the exclusive treVolo Voice Engine, giving exceptional clarity to human voices and eliminating background noises. As a result, treVolo U ensures that every word, lecture, and discussion is accurately delivered. Moreover, BenQ’s human voice recognition can identify the frequency differences in human speech to reproduce precisely, which is extremely helpful in language learning to pick up on the proper pronunciation.

Unlock Fatigue-Free and Productive Remote Work Life

Working from home often presents unique distractions that can impede concentration, especially during lengthy conference calls. Important online meetings require focus to ensure mutual agreements and prevent misunderstandings with participants. Nonetheless, external noises and audio challenges can disrupt the flow of communication and hinder productivity. Headphones can isolate noises but will cause ear fatigue due to prolonged use.

treVolo U is designed to address these challenges and provide a fatigue-free conference call experience. By its natural human voice reproduction and noise cancellation, treVolo U allows for seamless communication and better comprehension of discussions. Voices from the other side will not distort anymore. Also, your voice shall transfer through a premium Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) and a parabolic design receptor to ensure crystal-clear transmission. treVolo U captures your voice with exceptional clarity, ensuring your message is conveyed accurately and intelligibly to the other participants.

Easily connect via Bluetooth, treVolo U offers seamless compatibility with laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices. And its compact size allows for easy portability, making it a versatile companion for professionals working from home or on the go.

Bring AudioBooks and Podcasts to Life

In today’s modern world, audiobooks and podcasts have become beloved choices for bookworms, storytelling enthusiasts, and podcast listeners alike. The key to a truly immersive audiobook experience lies in the high-quality audio output that captures the essence of the narration. Unfortunately, subpar audio devices can result in missed plots and details, leaving listeners frustrated and detached from the story. Moreover, the need to constantly pause and playback unclear segments to listen again disrupts the natural flow of the narrative, thus hindering the overall enjoyment of the audiobook.

Equipped with voice enhancement technology, treVolo U brings audiobooks and podcasts to life through its natural and authentic sound reproduction. It preserves the original timbre and tonality of the narrator’s or the participants’ voices, ensuring that the audiobook experience remains faithful to the author’s intended delivery. Whether you’re delving into classic literature, exploring a thought-provoking novel, or enjoying your favorite podcast, treVolo U will take you on a vivid and engaging audio journey, enhancing your overall enjoyment and connection to the content.

Details that Matter

  1. treVolo Voice Engine

This exclusive technology strengthens vocal sounds, enhancing clarity and pronunciation.

  1. Three Sound Modes

Sound settings for online learning, video conference, and music.

  1. High-quality Microphone

Wide-angle sound reception takes in all the details, ensuring two-way clear communication.

  1. Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Delayed echo and ambient sounds are filtered to provide the crispest human voices.

  1. Customized Sound Profile

Adjust the sound of each frequency emitted by treVolo U, providing customized sound for learning, gaming, and entertainment.

To learn more about treVolo U, please visit the following links:

BenQ e-store: https://bit.ly/43rvcMW

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B63HVD1W/

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