Computex 2023 – Our Best Moments

Computex 2023 has ended and the time has come to give you our best moments there, through a series of photos, which we will comment, to let you know what went down while we were shooting them. 

After four years, Computex is finally back. Although Covid hit hard most of us during or after the show, we were happy to see our friends again. It’s been too long without a proper IT show, and hopefully, nothing will stop the world from moving forward from now on!

Without further ado, let’s start! The first photo is right before we left our home for Computex. Our cat isn’t happy that we will leave him for nine days!

Flying over China, close to Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, waiting for our flight to Taiwan.

On the first day we arrived in Taiwan, Monday, 29 May, before Computex started, we visited Cooler Master, whose new building is impressive!

After our visit to Cooler Master, we visited Lite-On’s R&D center on the same day, where we had a warm welcome!

It is still Monday, and Eri meets her hero, the infamous Leo, during Corsair’s party.

We crashed DeepCool’s party after Corsair’s, where we met some friends.

It is 30 May, the first day of Computex. We are at Super Flower’s booth, where we see the first PSU with a Hardware Busters badge beside the Cybenetics logo.

A blast from the past, in Lian Li’s booth.

A 2500W PSU that can deliver up to 5000W, since it is ATX v3.0 compatible, in FSP’s booth, caught our attention.

The Powenetics project was demonstrated in CWT’s booth.

We had dinner with the ASUS team, where we had the opportunity to visit a famous fish market.

The first Powenetics kits are finally ready to be shipped to their buyers. We got the units during Computex and brought them to Cyprus, where we will send them worldwide!

The first graphics card that uses a unique design to get rid of its power connectors. It requires a BTF (Back To The Future) mainboard with all its power connectors at the back side. This is not new since the corresponding patent belongs to a small US company. It is good that ASUS doesn’t hold the patent because its competitors wouldn’t follow this design. Now that a third-party brand has it, there is a chance to become more popular at some point.

I met Steve in person and showed him the Powenetics system. We also did another video together.

I also did a video with Gordon from PC World.

One of the most impressive products in this Computex. A 3 kilos tenkeyless keyboard, which is collectible and costs up to 6000 dollars! The full version weighs 24 kilos! A hobbyist makes these keyboards, and the quality is from another galaxy! Please wait for our video on these products shown in Zalman’s booth.

We visited Phihong, and we had a friendly welcome there! This brand makes from power adapters to super-expensive EV chargers!

You cannot go to Taiwan and NOT take a picture with Taipei 101 as a background.

A photo with a temple in the background is also mandatory.

We visited one of the largest night markets!

The MRT is the best way to move around in Taipei, and you can also take some nice photos at its stations!

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