Intel Arc A380 is available in China

Arc A380, Intel’s new discrete graphics card, is launched. Almost at least, because the Gunnir Arc A380 Photon is available only in China and only through, the country’s largest retailer. That goes outbounds an Intel’s post, which mentioned that Intel Arc A380 would be available only for prebuilt desktops. The sad part for now is that this offer, which costs around 600 USD, is sold out and unfortunately currently unavailable. There is no official information on when it will be available worldwide yet. But we expect it to be soon enough.

Intel arc image
Specswise, Photon is a dual-fan graphics card that comes factory overclocked at 2450 MHz with a TDP of 92w. Moreover, it offers 6GB of GDDR6 memory through a 96bit-wide interface and adopts the new Intel Xe-HPG/DG2 architecture. That said, Photon is par with AMD’s 6400 and Nvidia’s 1650 graphics cards. It is a full HD solution that can handle the most popular games at low to medium settings. Intel also, has announced that its drivers would be optimized and tuned better in the future, so we should expect better results as the platform matures. For now, it is under strong consideration if you should choose Intel’s offer rather than the competition’s.
The specs of Intel’s offer are good, but the same goes for the other two players.
Good news are, that now a third player is in the game, and is always nice to have more players. Competition is profitable for us, the consumers. Nvidia and its main competitor until now AMD, are already working on their new graphics cards, so we expect the market competition to be more challenging for the newcomer.
For the time being, if Intel would keep up with the competition is something that we should wait to see. Only time will tell, but the future looks promising.

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