Your HWB Setups #2: Kratos Custom Build by Just Unbox It

This is the second post of Your HWB Setups series. The series is intended to be posted monthly, but that would depend on your participation and reception, as we already stated in a previous article. We would love to post your PC Setup. We don’t care if they are old, new, bad, enthusiast’s grade, simple, notebooks, etc.

All we want from you is to send your Setup photos, with accurate and exact specs, through our Discord Server or Forum. We promise to check all of them and if possible, to post all of them. So, don’t waste your time and send yours the sooner you can. It might be published in the following related article. Thank you all in advance.

The second part of the series is by Greek Youtuber and Unboxer Just Unbox It. We want to thank him for his contribution to this article. His permission and photo archive allowance is invaluable. Thank you very much, RGBill!

Kratos is Alive, and it’s a Divine Custom Build!

As you may guess by the first photo, Project Kratos is not an ordinary Build. It is a Custom PC Build by Just Unbox It, with his exquisite skills on projects like these. Every custom detail is a proof work of Art, skills, and taste. From the 3D-Printed Kratos knife to the custom-carved Logo of Bill’s Youtube Channel, you can only adore this project. Or even better, you can worship it, as we speak for the infamous God Of War! And if you are not already a believer in its divine power, let me reveal its specs.

God Of Specs

  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master DDR5 Intel LGA1700
  • CPU: Intel Core i9 12900K
  • Graphics Card: Aorus Geforce RTX3090 Xtreme Waterforce 24G
  • RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB(2×16) 5600Mhz CL36 – White
  • Cooling: Corsair Hydro X Series XH305i iCue RGB Pro Custom Cooling Kit – Black
  • Case: Corsair 7000X iCue RGB Windowed Full Tower Case Tempered Glass – White
  • RGB: Corsair RGB LED Lighting Pro – Expansion Kit
  • PSU: Corsair RM850 80Plus Gold/Cybenetics Gold Full Modular 850w (2021)
  • Storage: Corsair MP600 NVME M.2 Gen. 4×4 SSD 500GB
  • Custom Cables: You can contact the Modder on his official Instagram page here.

This PC is a deadly combination of unlimited Power and Versatility. A combination that even the All-Mighty Zeus couldn’t beat. Personally, I would bet to Just Unbox It‘s Custom God. I don’t have anything more to suggest. This God is a top-tier machine that even Hephaestus would envy its power. I never had the chance to play the Game Title, but now, I am a massive fan of the Series. Blame Senior Just for this! I believe that words are needless now. This Beauty should speak by its photos for itself. So, let’s enjoy its Majesty without words. Pictures are more descriptive than words on this occasion.

An Offer to the Gods

Once again, we would like to thank Just Unbox It for his photos and, of course, a big shout-out for his Art and divine skills. If you want to learn more about his work and videos, visit his Youtube Channel and Social Media. Unfortunately, it is only for the Greek Audience, but still, you can admire his projects. He deserves it. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, of course. You can watch the full God Of War Build video here.

What we need of you for your participation

As we already stated, our requirements are simple. All we need is four quality photos of your Build and exact specs. Nothing more or less. The least you can send is four photos and at least two of them showing all your Setup (Peripherals, Desk, etc.). Of course, if you’d like, you can send more. But no promises that all of your photos will be posted. Just stay tuned!

Don’t forget to come in touch with us through our Discord Server and Site’s Forum for your Setups and not only, of course. See you all there, Hardware Busters Fans!

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