Need Microsoft Office? HOW NOT TO Pay a Premium to get it!

If you try to buy Office from Microsoft, you will probably cry once you look at the price tag. Thankfully, there is another, legit way to get WAY cheaper and this is what I did!

A typical day at the lab/office and MS Office warned me of a bad license. I had used a “bad” serial number for educational purposes to see if it worked, but I got the notice that my license was not genuine. This is very annoying, but what is even more annoying is paying the vast amount that Microsoft asks.

After checking on Microsoft’s site, I quickly realized that I could not afford to pay so much for several Office licenses I needed. I have to pay $440 per license in dollars, while in euros, the price is even higher, at 579€! MS believes that Europeans are much richer than the rest of the world, or simply a hefty VAT is included. Either way, with such stiff prices, I had to look at another legit way.

For quite some time now, Keysfan, a site selling various software products, including MS Windows and Office, has sponsored some of my videos on the Greek channel (Hardware Busters). I bought several Windows licenses from them, and everything worked fine. Since I needed to resolve the Office issue fast and without paying a bomb, I thought, why not try Keysfan offers and see if everything will go smoothly?

So without telling my contact at Keysfan anything, I went to the site and searched for the best package to buy. Since I needed many licenses, I immediately noticed the 5 keys combo, costing 68.25€ only, meaning that I would only pay 13.65€ per license. This is insane! Without losing time, I placed the order and paid with my credit card. The lack of a PayPal option annoyed me, to be frank, but since I used Keysfan before without any issues, I proceeded anyway. PayPal has increased seller fees, so I understand why some companies avoid using it. On our eshop, we don’t have PayPal yet because it will be like we are selling the products with it, splitting the earnings!

I got the receipt in my mail once I paid, and I also got a message stating that the amount written on the invoice I got would be different from the paid amount because of bank fees and exchange rates.

The invoice stated 68.25€, but in the end, I paid 75.06€. Still, this is around 15€ per MS Office license! What makes an impression is that the seller’s name appears to be “thedailygroceries” and my bank taxed this transaction in clothing!

A few minutes after I paid, the mail with the key code arrived, and it was high time to test it on my main PC. Everything worked fine! To be extra sure, I updated, through Windows Update, the Office installation, to check if the key would still be legit. No problems after the updates! I also tried MS Excel, and everything was fine.

Seriously, I don’t know how eshops like Keysfan manage to offer at such low prices expensive products like MS Office and to be frank I don’t care, from the moment there are no problems. If the keys weren’t legit, Microsoft would spot it and issue a warning. So from the moment, Microsoft doesn’t see any problems, and I don’t either. It is stupid to try virus-loaded keygens and other cracking apps to have MS Office, or Windows OS, from the moment you can get them at low prices. Don’t risk your PC with cracks and keygens, which require deactivating Windows Defender to work, leaving you highly vulnerable! Note that not all eshops promising dead low prices in various software packages are reliable. You should only trust eshops with proper reviews and user feedback!

[Disclaimer] This post WASN’T coordinated with Keysfan nor sponsored by them. I just needed several MS Office licenses, and I thought to try their service again, especially since they sponsor some of my videos every month.


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