How to “hack” your Windows License and tranfer it to another PC

We all know that in order to fully use Windows, we need an Activation Key or Digital License. Microsoft with Windows 10, let us use freely their product with some limitations. In my opinion, they are not even important limitations. Actually, I would prefer to use this “limited edition” than any shady activation trick. Moreover, you can find cheap Windows Keys and have a legit product. But you should be very cautious with these Sites, because they are not all legit. Also, you should know that most of these keys aren’t accepted for Businesses and Enterprises. So, the most trusted way to get a Genuine Key is to buy the Official one, which is quite expensive.

That said, the Key isn’t always transferable. Usually is tight to our Hardware. Microsoft let some Hardware changes, like SSD. But all end, when you change Mainboard. Microsoft consider it, as a new System and doesn’t activate your license, by default. You can always try to call them and request them to activate for you or just reuse it. Many people mention that didn’t face any issues with this.

But what about OEM keys or the ones that come in various Laptops and Prebuilds, which are preactivated? In a previous article, I wrote an easy way to get your license, with almost no hassle. Now, I will show you a trick in order to activate your license in another PC. Please consider that, like all tricks, this may not always work or in all cases.

We will, will hack you

First of all you need to open Command Prompt and run it as Administrator. One easy way is to type cmd in the search bar and right click “Run as administrator”.

Then the Command Prompt window would appear.

The next step is to type the following command:

slmgr /upk

That would deactivate the license.

Next you should completely remove the license from the Registry, as well, using this command:

slmgr.vbs /cpky

That’s it. Hopefully, you are now ready to use it on another PC. Just keep in mind, that the License in your PC that you removed it, won’t be activated. Of course, you could activate it again, entering your license’s key.

To closeup

As already stated this “trick” may not work. So, please do not consider using it, in important scenarios. This article is for education purposes, only. The legal method -and by far, the most preferred- is to get an Official Genuine key by Microsoft or a trusted Retailer. The cheapest way to get it, is by purchasing one, from trusted Sites, which sell discount activation keys.

You can actually buy one from this affiliate link. This way you get a key in a very good price and you help us to offer you more useful content.

Your love and support is really important to us.

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