Phanteks T30-120 Cooling Fan Review

Box, Contents & Bundle

Read the updated review on this product here: Phanteks T30-120 Cooling Fan Review – ReCheck!

The box contains three fans but you can also find single fan packages. Besides fixing bolts, the bundle includes PWM extension cables measuring 500mm long.

The change in PWM mode is through a switch located at the center of the fan. This is inconvenient, so you must select the proper mode before installing the fan(s); otherwise, it won’t be as easy. The PWM mode change would be far more convenient if made through remote control. I’ve seen something similar recently, but unfortunately, I cannot share more details because this product hasn’t been released yet.

Some photos of the fan. The rubber pads on the corners minimize vibrations and noise. The build quality is top-notch!

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One thought on “Phanteks T30-120 Cooling Fan Review

  1. after finally getting my hands on one of these:
    it certainly has to spin slower than A12x25 to stay below the noise threshold for me (sub-600 vs over-650RPM) but should be able to still push more air at a higher pressure
    as long as you have enough space to squeeze it in at least and that’s not granted
    the hybrid mode is just stupid as it only starts up at way above the acceptable level
    overall I’d put it closer to PTT line where you don’t care about noise nearly at all and often have some extra space than the A line that it’s put against usually, but also there are many interesting experiments that could be done with both of them (like putting actually usable fans on Ninja could provide much better performance with no audible noise vs the obnoxious Kaze Flex that won’t shut up until they stop or maybe using T30 on U12S/U12A to see how that fares)

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