DeepCool Infinity Series LT720 360mm – The Best Performance AIO


DeepCool honors its name with products like the Infinity Series LT720 360mm, which offers top performance without breaking the bank. At 140 dollars, it shames the super expensive Corsair H170i Elite LCD XT, which doesn’t lose significantly in performance but costs 2.5x more! Thanks to my new methodology, which is only possible thanks to Powenetics v2, the hemi-anechoic chamber with 6 dBA noise floor and the climate chamber allowing for the same operating conditions in all reviews, I can now find out the exact differences between all coolers under test.

With a 140-dollar price tag, the LT720 360mm easily outperforms the best air coolers besides the H170i Elite LCD XT, making its purchase a no-brainer if you need increased cooling capacity. Its fans are noisy at full speed, but from the moment they are PWM controlled, you can easily adjust their speed to your needs. Any modern mainboard has PWM fan headers, and you only need one with the provided three-way Y fan splitter cable.

Kudos to DeepCool for creating a top-performance AIO that won’t empty your wallet. I will try to evaluate more cooling solutions and fans from this brand, and soon enough, I will start reviewing chassis using a unique methodology. Because we don’t do anything normal here at Hardware Busters, every test we conduct, we have to do it uniquely, utilizing the top equipment that the Cybenetics labs provide.



  • Top performance
  • Top performance per price ratio
  • Good build quality
  • Nice ARGB lighting on the block
  • Easy installation
  • PWM controlled fans
  • Low fan speed adapters included
  • Five-year warranty
  • No RGB lighting on the fans can be an issue for some


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13 thoughts on “DeepCool Infinity Series LT720 360mm – The Best Performance AIO

  1. – Hope you’ll test “EK-Nucleus Lux CR360 D-RGB AIO” too (there’s also non-RGB (Dark version) and White version will be there soon as well…)
    – It’s the best AIO in 2023 (according to many reviewers, such as Kitguru, OC3D, Robeytech and others…)
    – Tech-Notice even showed it beats 420mm Arctic Liquid Freezer a bit when paired with 13900K… and some people commented that it’s just a couple degrees difference then with their Custom-loop cooling…
    – And the AIO is finally in stock again (it wasn’t in stock for a long time, I guess people are buying like crazy haha – I also bought it, hope it will arrive soon :))

  2. I just saw a review of “Phanteks Glacier One T30 Gen 2 D-RGB AIO (360mm)” and it’s 1 degree better then Nucleus Lux (on full load) – so you can test this one too 🙂

      1. oh, that’s very unfortunate but what about EK-Nucleus? Could you review that one instead (while they are still in stock)? haha 😀

  3. There’s also new “Asus ROG Ryujin III 360” cooler that’s even better then these 2 coolers… but the pump noise is frustrating according to “OC3D”, and the price is also insane 😅

  4. This AIO is the most suitable – especially in new generations of INTEL and AMD which are literally heaters.
    Very good and tested by me on 13600K and 5900X.
    I don’t like the desing of the PUMP that much, but that’s subjective.
    As far as the noise is concerned, it is not one of the most silent when I tested it with the Arctic Freezer II 360 with 6 120mm fans, but also with the 2 processors the difference was an average of -4C compared to the Arctic Freezer II 360 with MX6 thermal paste.
    The fans are very strong and DeepCool shows again in recent years that it wants to go 2 steps higher.
    The DeepCool cases need radical renewal and redesign.

    I should mention as far as the Fan Controller you mentioned (Corsair) is concerned, you can buy 10 seats from Arctic for €7 if you want to add another 3 for a push/pull arrangement and connect other fans.
    Also, DeepCool, for someone who wants to change thermal pads on the GPU, etc., provides very high-quality mm pads in many dimensions.

    Aris, goodevening! – We love you so much and we support you!
    Bless UP! my friend

  5. Awesome review. If you could test Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 for reference. Another interesting cooler is Phanteks Glacier one 360 t30 gen 2. It uses the new asetek gen 8 pump , has a 30mm thick radiator with 20ppi and it includes the best fans you have ever tested (t30).

  6. Excellent review. I’m thinking about buying this water cooler but in white. The problem I will have will be adjusting the fans in reverse to comply with the case manufacturer’s recommendation: a Lian Li o11 Vision. About this, what I’m thinking (and please don’t judge me) is to put some nice (and not very efficient) reverse fans, with lots of LED effects on the front (intake fans) and on the back I’ll keep the ones that come with the AIO (pushing from behind), making a push-pull configuration. It makes sense? Thanks again for the review. Obrigado

    1. To be frank, I didn’t quite understand what you want to do with the reverse fans, but in any case if you want to get something good, look at the Lian Li UNI fans which have reverse models and RGB.

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