Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W (SF-1000F14XG) PSU Review

Average Noise

The average noise is not high, given the unit’s capacity and dimensions, but the Asus and Corsair models are way quieter.

Fan Noise & Speed Maps @ 28-32 °C

The semi-passive operation lasts up to 400W, with a minimal load on the minor rails, and with a mid load at 5V and 3.3V, it can go up to 600W. With 700W or higher loads, noise exceeds 30 dBA; with more than 795W, noise exceeds 35 dBA. Two small regions at high loads have noise output within 40-45 dBA.

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3 thoughts on “Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W (SF-1000F14XG) PSU Review

  1. Why no inclusion of other atx 3 psus you tested like Msi etc? This doesn’t seem best way to inform users

    1. Different categories, the MSI unit I reviewed is digital and more expensive. I also try to keep the graphs small enough for mobile browsing. I can input 200x PSUs if I wanted, but the graphs wouldn’t be usable.

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