Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W (SF-1000F14XG) PSU Review

Protection Features

OCP (Cold @ 25°C)

12V: 120.2A (144.3%), 12.013V
5V: 28A (140%), 5.030V
3.3V: 28.1A (140.5%), 3.343V
5VSB: 5.2A (173.33%), 5.028V

OCP (Hot @ 41°C)

12V: 120A (144.06%), 12.01V
5V: 24.6A (123%), 5.052V
3.3V: 25.7A (128.5%), 3.351V
5VSB: 5A (166.67%), 5.026V

OPP (Cold @ 27°C)

1439.33W (143.93%)

OPP (Hot @ 43°C)

1258.82W (125.88%)


✓ (144°C @ 12V Heat Sink)


12V to Earth: ✓
5V to Earth: ✓
3.3V to Earth: ✓
5VSB to Earth: ✓
-12V to Earth: ✓


Proper operation



Surge: MOV
Inrush: NTC Thermistor & Bypass relay

OCP at 12V is well above 130%. I would suggest a 140% ceiling for this platform, and not higher, to be safe under high operating temperatures. OCP on the minor rails is close to 140%, but this is due to the low nominal values, and from the moment the minor rails shut down much earlier under hot temperatures, everything is fine. Finally, OPP is pretty high at 27°C and drops notably, as it should, at 43°C. Lastly, all other protection features are present.

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3 thoughts on “Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W (SF-1000F14XG) PSU Review

  1. Why no inclusion of other atx 3 psus you tested like Msi etc? This doesn’t seem best way to inform users

    1. Different categories, the MSI unit I reviewed is digital and more expensive. I also try to keep the graphs small enough for mobile browsing. I can input 200x PSUs if I wanted, but the graphs wouldn’t be usable.

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