Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W (SF-1000F14XG) PSU Review

Box & Bundle

I got an evaluation sample in a plain box, not the final one. The bundle includes a pouch for the modular cables, which is always welcome.

Product Photos

I like what SF did at the exterior. The perforations are pretty large, allowing for good airflow. The power specs sticker is a draft one, mentioning that the unit is a sample. Around the back, the module panel has fourteen (14) sockets, two of which power the 12VHPWR connector. It is safer to use two 8-pin sockets on the modular panel to power this connector rather than a 12+4 pin socket, which can have issues if the cable on the PSU’s side is bent at a high angle. Corsair also uses the same method to power 12VHPWR connectors on its PSUs.


Modular Cables
Description Cable Count Connector Count (Total) Gauge In Cable Capacitors
ATX connector 20+4 pin (600mm) 1 1 16-20AWG No
4+4 pin EPS12V (700mm) 2 2 18AWG No
6+2 pin PCIe (700mm) 4 4 16AWG No
12+2 pin PCIe (700mm) (600W) 1 1 16-24AWG No
SATA (600mm+150mm+150mm+150mm) 3 12 18AWG No
4-pin Molex (600mm+150mm+150mm+150mm) 1 4 18AWG No
AC Power Cord (1410mm) – C13 coupler 1 1 16AWG

There are enough cables, including four 6+2 pin PCIe, all on dedicated cables, and a single 12+2 pin PCIe set at 600W. The fact that it is 12+2 and not 12+4 should not trouble you because even in PSUs with 12+4 pins, the CARD_PWR_STABLE and the CARD_CBL_PRES# sense pins do not lead to corresponding circuits inside the PSU, so basically, are on air. Lastly, the number of peripheral connectors is adequate, and the same applies to the distance between them.

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3 thoughts on “Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W (SF-1000F14XG) PSU Review

  1. Why no inclusion of other atx 3 psus you tested like Msi etc? This doesn’t seem best way to inform users

    1. Different categories, the MSI unit I reviewed is digital and more expensive. I also try to keep the graphs small enough for mobile browsing. I can input 200x PSUs if I wanted, but the graphs wouldn’t be usable.

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